बिटकॉइन के बारे में जाने

बिटकॉइन के बारे में जाने- Bitcoin can be generally referred to as a digital currency and a worldwide accepted payment system, which saw its establishment in the year 2009. The first ever bitcoin was issued on 3rd January, 2009. The establishment of a bitcoin is the work of a great master mind Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a decentralized crypto currency which means that the overall performance of these bitcoins is not under the control of any company or individual and even it is not administered or controlled by the government.


Because of this, these bitcoins derive it value from the people. It simply means that people are their own banks. The more the demand, the more the usage, the more valuable it becomes. In this sense, a bitcoin can be easily related to stock, as it can be easily referred to as puppets in the hands of people as its utility and value totally revolves around the demand and usage of it. Bitcoin is operated by using P2P network, which means peer to peer technology. When we have a look at the exchange rate, then at present, the value of one bitcoin is 596841.15 Indian Rupee.  Investing in bitcoins has various advantages and disadvantages too. So, invest in it after properly analyzing all the aspects of it.

बिटकॉइन के बारे में जाने


बिटकॉइन kya h agar ham yeh aam bhasha mein samjhe toh yeh ek digital currency h and pure vishva mein accepted payment system h jo 2009 mein establish hui thi. Pehla  bitcoin 3rd January 2009 ko issue hua tha.


Yeh bitcoin ko establish Satoshi Nakamoto namak praseedh vayakti ki dimag ki upaj h. Isko ham aam taur pe crypto currency bhi kehte h, and yeh crptocurrency decentralized h, jiska matlab ki yeh bitcoins na hi kissi company ya aadmi ke control mein h aur na hi government ke. Ismein jo aadmi yeh bitcoins ko kharidta h who uska malik khud hi hota h.  iska matlab ki bitcoins ki jo keemat and value h who aadmi se hi derive hoti h. jitni jayada inki demand hoti h, jitney jayada aadmi isko use kartein h, utna hi yeh keemti hota jaata h. issi ke karan ham isko stock market se kuch hat tak relate kar skate h, kyunki ek tarah se yeh aam addmi ke haatho ki kathputli h, kyunki ek bitcoin ki utility, value yaa baaki sab kuch and kuch bhi uski market mein demand and usage pe depend karta h.

yeh jo bitcoin h woh P2P network ke duara operate hoti h, jiska matlab peer to peer technology h. agar ham exchange rate ko dekhe, toh aaj ke din ek bitcoin ki value, 596841.15 Indian Rupee h. बिटकॉइन mein apna paisa lagana mein bahut advantage bhi h aur disadvantage bhi h. toh agar usmein paise lagae toh har tareeke se soch samajh ke lagae.

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