All you need to know about Whats app

In this modern world today, every person, be it a kid or an adult is active on social media. Now days almost all the people around the world are using whats app. From the early morning to the time people go to bed, they use whats app.
Whats app is the instant messaging app which can be found today on almost 90% of the smart phones. It is an app which can be very easily found on play store and is used by people for sharing messages, photos, status, videos, contacts and much more. Apart from this sharing feature whats app also allows you to have calls both voice and video ones. Hence this app makes you feel connected and close to your near and dear ones, even if you are sitting very far from each other.
Like a coin has two sides, similar is the case of whats app. It also has a dual nature, means that it has various advantages also and at the same time disadvantages also. It all depends on how we use it. So, to make optimum benefit out of it, whats app should be used wisely.
Whats app ke baarein mein tamaam jaankari
Aaj ke iss yug mein, jaha har koi modern ho gaya h, sabhi log social media pe active rehte hain, chahe who bacha ho ya phir koi bada. Pure vishva mein kam se kam aadhi janta aaj what app ka prayog karti hain. jab se log uthte hain aur jab tak raat mein who so nahi jaatein, tab tak unka whats app chalta hi rehta hain.
Whats app ek aisi messaging app hain jo aaj kal kam se kam 90 pratishat logo ke phone pe pai jaati hain. Yeh aap phone pe play store se daali jaa sakti hain aur isse log message, photo, videos ya aur kai cheese bhejne ke lie prayog mein laatein hain. Yeh feature kea lava whats app se video call ya voice call bhi kari jaa sakti hain. iske karan ham un logo ko bhi apne paas mehsoos kar sakte hain, jo hamse kaafi dur baithe hain.
Jaise ki har sikke ke do pehlu hoein hain, vaise hi iss whats app ke bhi hain. Jab iski achai hain, toh iski taamam tarah ki buraiyaan bhi hain. Ab yeh ek aadmi ke lie acha hain ya bura woh uske iss app ko kiss tarah se prayog mein laata hain uss par nirbhar karta hain. isilie, agar hamein iss cheez ka fayada uthana hain, toh hamein usko tareeke se pryog karna chahiye.

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